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Mission Statement- Values and Ethos

Mission Statement- Values and Ethos


Aims of the School

  • To emphasise the importance of learning for all students regardless of their ability, ethnicity, gender or social situation; to enable students to view themselves as learners.
  • To promote a learning environment which fosters success enabling the students to develop confidence in their own abilities and encourage them to participate in a range of learning opportunities including activities relevant to the world of work
  • To teach students to appreciate differences in others and develop personal, social and moral values.
  • To continue to strive to provide quality of provision that is relevant and will lead to nationally recognised qualifications. This will be done by the implementation of a process of review and development and in conjunction with other partners.
  • To provide an environment that is safe, supportive and provides challenge for the students when appropriate.
  • To encourage the students to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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