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Mr J Deane


Course Title: Edexcel GCSE in Citizenship Studies

Course Description

This Citizenship curriculum is now well established at Will Adams and is proving to be a subject that students are really engaging with and succeeding in.
The course enables students to engagewith topics and citizenship issues that face and challenge society every day that are relevant to everyone, whatever your age.
This includes a wide range of political, social andethical ideas, issues and problems in both local and global contexts.
Students will develop their understanding of these key concepts and develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to become more responsible citizens themselves and to have the tools to take action in addressing any citizenship issues they may face in their own communities.

What you will study

Year 10 Citizenship.
Unit 1: Citizenship Today

Students will focus on the three themes of this course in preparation for their exam at the end of year 11. The three themes are:-
Rights and responsibilities.
Power, politics and the media.
The global community.

Unit 2: Participating in Society.

- Students chose a key Citizenship issue to focus on and then produce a project/presentation on this issue. Students will carry out independent research, gather evidence and carry out chosen activities on this topic in preparation for the end of year controlled assessment.

Year 11 Citizenship.

Unit 4: Citizenship Campaign

- Students chose a key Citizenship or Global issue to focus on that is different from their chosen topic in Unit 2. Students will plan, develop, carry out and evaluate a campaign where they will need to go out and make a difference in the community.
Students will collate their work and supporting evidence to use for the February controlled assessment.

Unit 3: Citizenship in Context

- Students will focus on one key theme of study out of three choices in preparation for their summer exam.

Option 1: Environmental change and sustainable development

Option 2: Changing communities: social and cultural identities

Option 3: Influencing and changing decisions in society
and government.

How you will be assessed

Unit 1 – Exam at the end of Year 11 – 20% of final grade

Unit 2 – Project controlled assessment – 30% of final grade

Unit 3 – Exam at the end of Year 11 – 20% of final grade

Unit 4 – Campaign in the community controlled assessment – 30% of final grade

Coursework due 15/5/2016 – 60% of final grade

Exams (approx. date) 11/5/2016 – 40% of final grade

Possible Careers and Further Education

This course contributes to students gaining a vital GCSE grade, which will benefit them in the future when they are applying for courses and jobs.

Students who show interest in this subject can pursue further Citizenship based courses at College in the future such as public services, social sciences, politics and religious education.

Citizenship also seeks to give students an understanding of the world around them in their local contexts and also globally. The course encourages students to develop their social skills and their moral education whilst providing them with the tools to become active and positive members of society.