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Duke of Edinburgh

This course is being reintroduced Sept 2017

Duke of Edinburgh


Course Title: Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze / Silver


Course Description

The DofE Programme is an adventure from beginning to end. It is designed to show students what is available to them outside of the classroom and let them participate in activities that are often not available to them in their everyday life.

Two levels are offered at Will Adams; Bronze and Silver, In order to achieve the Award students will need to take four activity sections - Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Expeditions.

DofE offers opportunities to help people in the community improve fitness, develop new skills, and the experience of going on an expedition.

The students programme will be full of activities and projects that will help them pick up new experiences and talents that will stay with students for the rest of their life.


What you will study

Aside from all great experiences and new skills students will gain, they can also take away a real qualification that will set them apart from the crowd when students head to college or find employment.

Students who successfully complete the Bronze / Silver Award will have a greater understanding of working as a team member, which will help them achieve their future ambitions in life.

How You Will Be Assessed

Possible Careers and Further Education

Employers every where recognise the Duke of Edinburgh’s
Award as a great achievement.

There will also be the chance for students to move on the prestigious DofE Gold Award at college or through Medway DofE.

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