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Mrs S Wade & Mrs S Miller


Course Title: English Language and Literature

Course Description

The English department offers the students two GCSEs in this subject; one in English language and the other in English literature.

The English department aims to develop the students’ ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both speech and writing. During this course, students learn how to use a wide-ranging vocabulary, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and develop a personal style and an awareness of the audience being addressed.

Students will read a variety of texts during this course from their literary heritage, other cultures and Shakespeare where they will research historical and cultural contexts of literature.

What you will study

The students will be expected to produce four written controlled assessments. These are done under exam conditions. They will also be required to do a speaking and listening presentation.

The students are required to write two assignments. For the first of these, they will read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and link it to a selection of poems from their literary heritage. The second of these will involve the study of Anita and Me by Meera Syal. These texts allow them to explore literature and develop the key skills of inference, analysis and evaluation in preparation for their GCSE exam.

Students will be required to produce two pieces of narrative/ expressive writing: one written in the first and one in the third person.

Students will sit two exams in which they will answer question from previously unseen texts and write within the non-fiction genre. The exam will test the students’ skill in reading with inference and analysis and writing for different purposes.

How you will be assessed

Students will be assessed through controlled assessment and examination.

Unit 1: English in the daily world (Reading)
Written paper 30% (1 hour)

Unit 2: English in the daily world (Writing)
Written paper 30% (1 hour)

Controlled Assessment 40%
Unit 3: Reading: literary texts (two assignments 10% each): literary heritage poetry & Shakespeare; different cultures prose.
Writing: open writing (two assignments 10% each): 1st and 3rd person narrative.

Controlled Assessment
Unit 4: Speaking and Listening
Communicating and adapting language; interacting and responding; creating and sustaining roles.

Possible Careers and Further Education

This course helps students develop vital skills which will support them in all areas of their life. It is a core subject and all colleges expect a grade in this subject at GCSE level.