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First Aid

First Aid

First Aid

First aid gives young people something amazing – the confidence to do the right thing when it really counts.

We work in partnership with St John’s Ambulance to deliver first aid teaching Courses Cadet First Aid Level 1 and 2 and deliver Army Cadet Force Association teaching course (ACFA).

We’re incredibly proud to say our schools programme is supported by the Department for Education, because it meets their criteria of developing: perseverance, confidence, motivation, neighbourliness, tolerance, honesty and conscientiousness.

Learning is delivered through emotive videos and engaging case studies, using realistic scenarios to help young people explore the roles of casualties, helpers, bystanders, friends and family in different first aid situations. These powerful resources will prompt thought-provoking discussions and interactive lessons.

Role play activities are all used to support young people's learning around this important life skill for training segments such as CPR, Minor/Major Bleeds, strokes, casualty safe positions and bandaging which puts the theory learning into practise and makes hands on learning fun. We use St John’s ambulance first aid game Rescue Run which is another fun way to reinforce what they have learned.

Big First Aid Lesson

The Will Adams Centre also take part with thousands of other schools up and down the Country with The Big First Aid Lessons which are a series of short first aid programmes presented by St John Ambulance trainers. Each lesson covers different first aid topics, in real life scenarios with easy-to-follow first aid demonstrations. In the space of just 20 minutes, students can learn first aid skills which could stay with them for a lifetime.