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Food and Nutrition

Ms Wade- Subject Lead

Food and Nutrition


Course Title: Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking BTEC level 1 / 2.

Course Description

The course teaches students how to cook healthy, nutritious meals at home. During the year they learn about food nutrition, how to add fruit and vegeta
bles to their meals and understand the health implications of this. Students also learn about Health and Safety. They learn how to use electrical equipment safely and how to prepare food to a high standard of safety.

This course encourages students to try new thing s and to build confidence in their own skills in the kitchen.

What you will study

The course is made up of the following units:

  • Planning nutritious meals
  • Preparing and selecting ingredients for nutritious meals
  • Cooking skills
  • Food safety and hygiene in preparation and cooking
  • Presentation skills
  • Economising in cooking

How you will be assessed

Assessment will be through a portfolio of theoretical work and evidence of the practical cooking tasks that have been completed.

Possible Careers and Further Education

Students who want to go into the hospitality and catering industry would benefit from this course. Also, this course gives valuable life skills to all teenagers who are will eventually start to live independently.