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Mr A Buchanan


ECDL Level 2 Certificate in IT

Aim and Objectives of the course:

  • This qualification is designed for people looking to gain knowledge and skill sin IT application software
  • This qualification covers core IT applications commonly used around the world (Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc)
  • By Completing this qualification you will be able to problem solve and communicate effectively when using IT

Achieving This Qualification:

You will need to complete four specific level 2 units:

  1. Word Processing Software
  2. Spreadsheet Software
  3. Presentation Software
  4. Improving Productivity Using IT

Types Of Evidence To Pass The Course:

  • You need to pass each of the 4 units through an online exam
  • 75% + required to pass for Word, Presentation and Spreadsheet Units
  • 55% + required to pass the Improving Productivity Unit
  • Grading is across four level; Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*
  • Grade is determined by the average score across the 4 units with 70% being the minimum pass level