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‘’Our musicdepartment is supported by an award from the EMI Music Sound Foundation which is supported by Universal Music Group. The Foundation has now awarded over £5m towards music education and the purchase of musical instruments and equipment”.

Course Title: Music and Performing Arts Laser Qualifications Level 1 & 2



Equivalent to GCSE Pass A to C Level 2 and D to G Level 1.

Course Description

Laser qualifications provide individual units that focus on Music. These courses have been picked through this programme that will support accreditation from other vocational subjects to ensure that they are achieving their full potential in gaining the award for the subjects they are participating in.

The unit titles may include:

  • Developing Musical Skills for Solo Performance L1&2 – this will include learning an instrument and a selected piece of music for performance purposes.
  • Understanding Musical Instruments and their Sounds L1&2 – this will include further understanding of the instruments that a student may learn throughout their time at Will Adams.
  • Developing Musical Ensemble Skills L1&2 – Learning to work in a group to produce music.
  • Composing Music L1&2 – Learning to create a piece of music.
  • The Theory of Music L1&2 – Understanding how to read music and developing skills to sight read.
  • Sound and Audio Production Skills L1&2 - Learning how modern music is produced by focusing on current artists and their use of studio time.

There will be more units added depending on how many units are completed by the students. Each student will have a completed list and record of their work in separate folders for each unit. Some Units may require more time to be spent in developing skills for each unit.


This will be able to run alongside their other vocational qualifications that are provided on the OCN. The core units are already provided by other units, which leaves us with room to complete optional units.

Portfolios are internally moderated before being sent for further moderation by the OCN.

Possible Careers and Further Education

We will be providing these subjects to help boost confidence as well as provide them with qualifications that will aid applications for higher education and may even give the basic skills to start working in the performance industry.