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Ms J Taylor



Years 9 and 10 – BTEC first principles of applied science

Study 4 units across 2 years.

  • Unit 1 – Principles of applied science – 1 hr exam taken on 16th may 2017
  • Unit 2 – Chemistry and our Earth – coursework unit completed in yr 11
  • Unit 3 – Energy and our universe - coursework unit completed in yr 11
  • Unit 4 – Biology and our environment - coursework unit completed in yr 11

Each unit is worth 25% of the final grade.

Between unit 1 and the coursework students cover a range of key topics in biology, chemistry and physics. These include; Cells, genetics, homeostasis, atomic structure, reactions of acids, rates of reaction, energy, radiation, waves, space.

Year 11 – AQA science A

This is made up of 4 units.

  • Biology (B1) – Human biology, Evolution and the environment
  • Chemistry (C1) – Products from rocks, Oils, Earth and atmosphere
  • Physics (P1) – Energy and energy resources, Radiation and the universe

Each of these units is assessed in an hour long exam. B1 is on 16th May, C1 is on 18th May, P1 is on 24th May.

The final unit is the controlled assessment. This is a practical and 2 exam papers that are sat in lessons.   All students have had a chance to complete one of these already. Another session will be offered before May.

Each unit is worth 25%.