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Mrs S Miller


Course Title: GCSE Sociology (AQA)

Course Description

Sociology is relevant to students’ lives and allows them to gain a good understanding of the views, values and behaviour of our society, focusing on contemporary issues of our lives. Students will learn key skills of independent thinking, questioning and challenging issues, debating and develop their critical and evaluative abilities.

What you will study

  • Studying Society: methods of research, their benefits and limitations, key sociological concepts and ethical issues of research.
  • Families: types of family structure, changes and reasons for trend in marriage and divorce, arranged marriages, gender roles in relationships, parent/child relationships, power in relationships, changing patterns of fertility and contemporary family issues.
  • Education: the role of education in society, reasons for changes in the system and how this has affected children, the influence of gender, peer groups, ethnicity and parental attitudes on achievement and the hidden curriculum.
  • Crime and Deviance: defining criminal and deviant behaviour, biological and psychological reasons why people turn to crime, factors affecting the likelihood of criminal activity, e.g. ethnicity, gender, social class and how crime affects victims.
  • Mass Media: definition of mass media and howthey have been affected by technology, the effects on audiences, the role of media in sociology and how certain groups are portrayed, e.g. women, black people.
  • Power: what power is, political power, power in families and everyday situations, influences on voting behaviour, social backgrounds of MP’s and pressure groups.

How you will be assessed

Assessment is through an examination at the end of the course. There are 2 papers, each lasting 90 minutes.

Paper 1 comprises questions on Studying Society, Families and Education and makes up 50% of the final grade.

Paper 2 comprises questions on Crime and Deviance, Mass Media, Power and Social Inequality and makes up 50% of the final grade.

Possible Careers and Further Education

Having GCSE Sociology can open up a world of opportunities in both A level choices and career options.
Possible career choices that require GCSE Sociology include the Public and Civil Service (e.g. local council, policing), Caring Professions such as Nursing, Voluntary Sector, Teaching, Media, Advertising and Personnel Management amongst a range of others. On a personal level, Sociology develops key personal skills and an understanding of our daily lives.