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Work Skills

Work Skills

BTEC Work Skills

The Pearson Level 1 Awards and Certificate in WorkSkills (QCF) have been designed to offer learners a flexible, relevant course to improve their understanding and application of work-based skills.

Looking for a job can be challenging and time consuming. Before starting the search, it is important to know what skills you have, what you are interested in and where to look for appropriate employment opportunities. The focus of this unit is on learners demonstrating their skills in knowing where and how they can most effectively identify potential jobs. Learners will find out how to make choices about the most appropriate ways to search for jobs and the most appropriate jobs to search for, based on an understanding of their own skills and interests.

Within the BTEC Workskills we deliver at Will Adams we cover key areas which also support their Career development plan and career Pathway such as:

Searching for a Job, Understanding the different methods of applying for jobs, preparing for an interview.

These qualifications ensure that the knowledge, skills and understanding they provide are relevant, current and useful for learners and potential employers. The qualifications have been designed to support employability. Delivering the BTEC Workskills aids our students to prepare them for applying for a job, an apprenticeship or college. It enables all students to create their own excellent Curriculum Vitae’s, Cover Letter’s and practise key skills such as mock interviewing allowing them to take this knowledge and key employability templates with them they can use beyond school once they have left.

Learners have the opportunity to follow a flexible course and achieve a nationally recognised Level 1 vocationally-related qualification. On completion one of these qualifications, learners have the opportunity to progress to related general and/or vocational qualifications or employment in a particular vocational sector.