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The Importance of Regular School Attendance

Good attendance at school is important for all young people, but it is absolutely crucial for the young people on roll at Will Adams, given that many of them will have had disrupted education. There is a strong link between good school attendance and good academic results. Students who frequently miss school will almost certainly fall behind in their learning, adversely affecting their future prospects.

Attendance records are asked for by further education providers and a high % shows future colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers that a young person is reliable and motivated. In addition to this, it is a proven fact that young people who are often absent from school are more likely to become involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.


Tips for Good Attendance

  • Ensure your teenager gets to bed at a reasonable time. On average teenagers need 8 - 9 hours’ sleep a night to function properly.
  • Ensure your teenager leaves the house with enough time to arrive at school for 9.20am.
  • Make all doctor / dentist / optician appointments outside of school hours or during school holidays.
  • Do not let your teenager stay off school for a minor ailment.
  • Work with the school by not allowing your teenager to take time off unnecessarily.

Attendance procedures at The Will Adams Centre

If your child is sick or has another legitimate reason for being absent, please call the school before 9.00am on the 1st day of absence on 01634 337111.

If your child is sick for more than a week, then you are expected to provide a doctors certificate for the time absent.

If a student is absent without notification from yourself, there will be a phone call, or text message sent from the family liaison officer. If there is no legitimate reason for the student to be absent, an unauthorised absence will be recorded.

Examples of unauthorised absence may include:

  • Birthday treat
  • Day trip
  • Over-sleeping
  • Taking a long weekend
  • Family celebration
  • Taking the rest of the day off, before or after a medical appointment

If you need to take your child out of school in exceptional circumstances then you must contact us in advance, where you will be informed of the procedure. Only the Head Teacher can authorise absence and may request further evidence in support of this. On this note, no term time holidays will be authorised.

The SWO meets weekly with the Education Welfare Officer, and if there are more than 10 unauthorised sessions recorded, parents may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £50.00. Please be aware that a session is equal to half a day. If this is unpaid, or has no impact on your child’s attendance, you may be taken to Court and a fine imposed. This can also lead to a criminal record.

If a student is more than 15 minutes late a late mark (L) will be entered, but if the student is more than 40 minutes late, a late after the registers close mark (U) is entered, and although the student is in school, this mark equates to an unauthorised absence.

The WAC would be grateful it if any medical appointments could be made outside of school time. However we are aware that this is not always possible, and would appreciate if you could let us know when your child has an appointment in advance, and provide medical evidence (such as an appointment card) for the appointment.