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This Week at Will Adams

Alert to Parents – THC

This Week at Will Adams

There appears to be a new tactic being used to sell/supply drugs and that may be targeted at children and young people.

The packaging is silver and the sweets look very like ‘Haribo’ gum jellies, jelly tots, fizzy sugar coated bottles etc.  These sweets have been found to be laced with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a substance that provides the psychoactive element in cannabis.  They could quite easily be mistaken for genuine sweets and this method is possibly being used simply because the sweets’ appearance makes them inconspicuous or, much more concerning, children and young people are being targeted for their supply.

Please feel free to share this information with family members and friends, particularly those with children.  Should anyone come across these packets or anyone’s family members/friends report having been offered them, please report details to Kent Police using 101 or the 101 on-line reporting form on the Kent Police website:  If you witness the dealing of these specific items actually taking place (i.e. an offence in progress), the Police have advised it should be reported using 999.



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