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Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions


The Will Adams Centre celebrates and rewards student success.
Students who receive GREEN lessons on their weekly report are awarded a COMPLIMENT POINT. Students receive ONE REWARD POINT for every 5 COMPLIMENT POINTS that they receive.

The Reward Points are added together so that students move up the REWARD LADDER as shown below


The students start at the bottom of the ladder in September of Year 10 and Year 11 and once students have moved up the ladder they can never move back down. This system means that ALL students are able to achieve some rewards during the year.

If students do something that is above and beyond a compliment point a Will Adams Post Card will be sent home and this is worth one Reward Point. Staff may also award compliment points for positive behaviours/attitudes outside of lessons.

During the course of an academic year there are 3 reward trips each towards the end of term at Christmas, Easter and summer. These are to reward students who have completed a good term with good attendance, attitude and work and staff nominate students to be included. The types of trips we do are to London theatres, sailing on the Morning Star, a day at the beach, Greenwich including a boat ride up the Thames etc.