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Learner Views-16/17

Learner Views-16/17

Student A

'At this school, I like the way we get rewarded for good behaviour. I have been on several trips such as Belgium, Thorpe Park and Broadstone Warren.

The IT lessons are better as the way we are taught, helps me learn better.

The class sizes are better because we get taught on a 1:1 most of the time.

Knowing everyone means we stick together. There isn't trouble as everyone knows everyone.'

Student B

'My education here is better than that at my old mainstream School. In my old School I didn’t really get an education because I was not allowed in any lessons and was always in isolation/referral. In will Adams I think I’ve knuckled down a lot compared to my old behaviour. I think they are stricter here but they are only trying to give us a better education. We are offered a different variety of lessons and we have our options that we do throughout the week. At Will Adams the teachers do a weekly report which is based on 3 different colours- Green, Amber and Red. Green is really good, Amber is okay but Red is very poor. If we get Greens all week then those people get rewarded with a trip.'

Student C

'Will Adams has really helped me with my behaviour because they have more time for you because there are less students.'

Student D

'On a Wednesday I go to Hair and Beauty in Maidstone. Here I am working towards getting a qualification in hairdressing, During this time I learn how to cut, colour and style hair. This is a really good opportunity for me as I would like to do this after school.'

Student E

‘I like PE we are always going off site doing practical activities which I think is better for our physical education.’