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Pupil premium

Pupil premium


Proposed Pupil Premium allocation for 2016/17 is £27725, we will support student by;

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Proposed Pupil Premium Expenditure for 2017 - 2018

Internal reviews will occur every two terms and a full report produced at the end of each year.

Pupil Premium Data Report for 2015 - 2016

Pupil Premium provides extra funding for disadvantaged children, with the intention of addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those pupils.

The Will Adams Centre has used the PP funding to improve the achievement of the students through a variety of approaches to increasing engagement, achievement and attendance as well as access to specialist academic and vocational support.

Summary of interventions with the breakdown of costing
Pupil Premium Report
Pupil Premium Overview
Pupil Premium Impact


A: LEXIA £2260.00
B: Behaviour Support Training –“Is it behavior……or ?”
(2 sessions)
C: Counselling/Mentoring £12665.00
D: Octomotive – Alternative provision £4400.00
E: MEBP – Work experience and extended work experience placement (Catch 22) £8180.00
F: Medway Youth Trust Careers Advisor £1772.00
G: Breakfast Club and break time snacks and fruit £2627.00
H: Gillingham Football Club – Alternative provision (1:1tution) £1942.00
I: Forest School £245.00
J: Fairbridge – The Princes Trust £2150.00
K: PE activities – Off site £367.00
L: Educational/Celebration Trips (Broadstone Warren, Somerset House - Iceskating) £2022.00
M: Weekly/End of Term/Year Achievement Awards/Bennett’s Best £200.00
TOTAL PUPIL PREMIUM FUNDING: £38923.50(FS = £31123.00 + £7600 PP+) TOTAL SPENT: £39588 .00



Strategy Why? Money Impact
LEXIA (100% of students)2014 – 15 Progress average: 7.2 months Current progress average: 1 year
Reading and spelling ages improved by at least 12 months in all cases and by as much as at least 2 years in eight cases; all students have developed new vocabulary and improved their overall reading comprehension and the understanding and use of spelling rules. £2260 Reading and spelling ages improved by at least 12 months in all cases and by as much as at least 2 years in eight cases; all students have developed new vocabulary and improved their overall reading comprehension and the understanding and use of spelling rules.
Behaviour Support Training –“Is it behavior……or ?” (2 sessions)Number of students excluded in 2014/15= 29 Number of students excluded in 2015/16 = 25 Decrease by 11%
To encourage a better understanding of students’ emotional and social needs; to encourage staff to further explore the reasons behind the students’ behaviour, to reflect on current practices, to instill more positive and responsible behaviour amongst students and develop a more consistent approach from staff. £1325 All staff have completed training and are more aware of the underlying causes and their possible impact on students’ behaviour. Suggested strategies have been recorded on students’ ISPs and are being reflected in everyday practice. The new Behaviour policy has been reviewed in line with the new.
Counselling/Mentoring 100% Students 10% Parents 3% Staff 10% of CAMHS referrals have been taken up by the Service. Reduced stress levels amongst staff have been noted – staff sickness 2014/15 – 66.7%, 2015/16 – 37.5; a reduction of 29.2%
To address psychological and emotional needs of students in order to improve peer and staff relationships through individual sessions and group workshops; to encourage learning in an emotionally stable environment; to assess the fundamental, basic needs of all students to ensure that their learning is not affected by psychological and physical needs; to provide in-house support for staff at the point of need; to liaise with CAMHS regarding specific needs £12665 Pre-arranged appointments and “drop in” sessions have encouraged students to fully engage in the therapeutic work; students were able to work through issues that have prevented them from fully engaging in education. They have gained insight into their learnt behaviour and barriers to learning, they have gained confidence and developed strategies which support their learning. This has resulted in increased resistance and in improved ability to follow instructions as well as the reduction in anxiety levels resulting in a greater awareness in personal decision making. Parents have been heard and supported through difficult times, this frequently improved relationships at home. Staff have been able to access direct support with emotional issues that may have affected their ability to work to their full potential.
Octomotive – Alternative provision 3 students
To offer an alternative to a traditional curriculum to the students who have become disengaged and at risk of being permanently excluded
To offer more practical approach to learning and an opportunity to try Constructions and Motor Mechanics
£4400 Targeted students have experienced alternative learning which has led to f vocational qualifications (Level 1) and extended work placements
E & F:
MEBP – Work experience and extended work experience placement (Catch 22) & MYT advisor
84% of students completed work experience
To offer the students the opportunity to experience real work environment; to develop new skills necessary for future employment, to develop student interest in vocational curriculum and match their needs to their areas of interest;
To make learning more engaging and relevant.
£8180 100% of students have obtained the qualifications offered by the extended work experience placement.Needs of individual students have been matched.Good behaviour in public settings/meeting members of the public Incentives- rewards- something to look forward to students have secured educational/training placements for next year.
Breakfast Club and Break- time snacks and fruit(100% of students)
Many students do not have breakfast before they arrive at WA in the morning;To promote a healthy lifestyle through offering more nutritious and healthier options of drinks and snacks To keep healthy £2627 Engagement/Achievement- do not go to lessons hungry Behaviour- improved as they are not hungry Development of Social Skills Awareness of healthier options has been raised
Gillingham Football Club – Alternative provision (1:1tuition)3 students
To ensure that identified students improve their chances to achieve predicted GCSE grades in English and Maths £1942 Two out of three students who have been accessing tuition are on track to achieve predicted grades.
Forest School – six-week programme for eight students
20% improvement in overall CISS scores
To develop resilience, confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem in young people through team building activities;To improve engagement, attendance, behaviour and educational attainment. £245 Completion of this intervention has led to the improvement of students’ attitude to self, other peers and school;All students have completed a 6 week programme and have learnt some survival skills.
The Princes Trust – Fairbridge 5 students successfully completed the course
To support identified students who, without this intervention, are at risk of disengaging and failing to reach their full potential;To help them develop self-esteem and skills for work £2150 All students who completed the course remained in education/apprenticeship
PE activities – off site (100% of students)
Indoor and outdoor activities to complement PE curriculum, to offer a wider range of PE lessons and to promote a healthy lifestyle. £367 Improved physical wellbeing, enjoyment and better participation in activities, improved social skills, improved ability to follow rules, accept losing in the proper manner; Developing appropriate social behaviour in public places.
Educational/Celebration Trips (Broadstone Warren, Somerset House – Ice skating) & Weekly/End of Term/Year Achievement Awards/Bennett’s Best 100% of students
To instil good habits in learners and to support the eventual goal, work ethic and responsiveness to curriculum demands;To recognise and celebrate individual/group achievement, to improve motivation, self-reliance and engagement. £2222 Improved achievement and motivation, some barriers or deficiencies have been removed through the introduction of new experiences – some of WA’s students have never travelled outside their immediate area; Realisation that hard work and effort result in success.


The Will Adams Centre meets the needs of the most vulnerable and disengaged learners in Medway and as a result relies on the pupil premium to enhance the funding required to make the significant impact on the students’ life chances and opportunities.

As Medway is one of the most socio-economically deprived areas in the country, our passion for equal outcomes, student achievement regardless of their social status and high aspirations for all, permeates throughout all our work. In the current academic year there were at least 15 different interventions funded through the Pupil Premium to support 37 students (33 FSM and 4 LACs) entitled to this funding.