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Learner Views- 15/16

Learner Views- 15/16

Student A

“I’ve been in Will Adams nearly 2 years after being passed around numerous mainstream schools. I used to hate everything and everyone; I was angry and violent, incapable of staying in a lesson or walking down a corridor without confrontation. I spent all my time on reduced timetables, in the isolation room or excluded. This has changed drastically since I started Will Adams. To be fair, I was the same as before for the first few months, but then I started to realise that the teachers were on my side and were here to help. My grades started rising and it started reflecting outside of school as I started to shine as an individual. I couldn’t have got this anywhere else. I love Will Adams and Will Adams loves the students. It’s a family environment that you wouldn’t get in a mainstream school.” year 11 student 2015

Student B

“I hated secondary school and constantly fell out with the teachers. I thought it would always be like this. When I started at Will Adams I didn’t want to go to any lessons and had no interest in learning. I spent a lot of time shouting at teachers but slowly (too slowly really) I began to get on with them. They listened to me instead of confronting me. My lessons are interesting and teachers help me understand. I feel now I’m ready to go on and be a success.” year 11 student 2015

Student C

“At first I hated it. It was the worst place on earth. I thought I wouldn’t need it. I didn’t care about its existence – but it cared about mine!” Ex-student (2008 – 2010.)

Student D

“You may have heard how bad it is here – all those naughty kids together – and yes let’s be honest there are behavioural issues here at times, but this is a PRU, a school for kids who have been permanently excluded, so what do you expect? Personally I have had a bumpy ride; in the past year alone I have been to 4 mainstream schools (including 2 grammar schools) and Will Adams is my fifth.The Will Adams Centre has saved my future chances of being successful; I am taking 10 GCSE and BTEC qualifications. You get lots of attention by staff to help you do your best. Having up to 6 people in a class is much better than 30” year 11 student, 2015