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World Book Day

Book characters descend upon Will Adams for the day.

World Book Day

World Book day was celebrated at Will Adams by staff dressing up in a range of exciting character costumes.

Snow White and the Queen of Hearts hosted breakfast club, while Lord Voldermont used ICT to engage the students. Mary Poppins could be seen sprinkling her joy and positivity wherever she went throughout the  day. Batgirl came to the rescue on more than one occasion while the Witch in main reception was supported by her Pirate friend to meet and greet the students. The cookery rooms were graced with the presence of Darth Vadar for the day along with Thin Lizzy the fitness expert, preparing healthy food. Our very own Truchbull was seen to be telling off Matilda in the corridor's, with Thing 1 and Thing 2 chuckling in the background. Also spotted around the site were a Snow Queen, Cinderella and another Witch.

Tony Eastwood, was the best dressed student and will be receiving a prize shortly.