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Occupational Studies


NCFE Level 2 Occupational Studies


Course Outline

You are following the NCFE Level 2 in Occupational Studies. We are focusing on the Office occupation, and using appropriate software like word processing software (Microsoft Word). 

This is a coursework only course and therefore there are no exams.

You will need to create a work portfolio that demonstrates you have met the specific criteria for each unit.


Unit 29 Word processing software (M/505/3313)

By the end of this unit you will be able to use word processing software to create, edit, format and present word processing documents. The whole unit is broken down into 3 sub-units:

  • Unit 1: You will be able to enter and combine text and other information accurately within word processing documents
  • Unit 2: You will be able to create and modify layout and structures for word processing documents
  • Unit 3: You will be able to use word processing software tools to format and present documents effectively





Word Processing Software Criteria

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