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Design and Technology

Creative Craft is offered as an alternative to traditional Design Technology subjects and offers a wider range of learning and assessment opportunities to our learners.

The qualifications cover many traditional craft disciplines like woodwork and design but can be used to support other provision, which may be highly focused.


On the other hand, Creative Craft could also offer a more flexible and innovative programme that lends itself to the multi-discipline, new media world where specific focus is not appropriate, and is geared by teaching staff to reflect our students world. 
At the Will Adams Centre we are proud to be offering both the level 1 and level 2 Award and each student is assessed for the right level for them to achieve the maximum from the course.

The units are written with no specific craft discipline in mind, which means that they can be delivered across the craft/DT spectrum.

We have 6 specified craft pathways that learners can be registered on.

They are:
 Art and Design (ART)
 Heritage and Traditional Crafts (HTC)
 Textiles (TEX)
 Construction (CON)
 Floristry (FLO)
 Cake Decoration (CAK)
 Cookery (COO)
In our D.T. lessons we are are focusing on Design, Traditional crafts and the Construction elements for 2019/20.


Projects include: a stereo speaker for a major audio brand, and a "chunky funky" clock.


A few of the wonderful things our students are making