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What you will learn


The assessments will cover the following content headings:


Using numbers and the number system – whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Using common measures, shape and space.

Handling information and data.


Each assessment comprises two sections – a non-calculator section and a calculator section.


The assessments are available as paper-based and on screen, on-demand assessment.


Who should choose this course?


Functional Skills mathematics qualifications at these levels should enable students to develop an appreciation of the role played by mathematics in the world of work and in life generally.


Learners who achieve the Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics at Level 1 and 2 can progress to:

Further mandatory mathematical study, such as GCSE

The workplace.

Further vocational study.

How you will be assessed


Section A is a non-calculator assessment and Section B a calculator is allowed. Section A and Section B are presented as separate question and answer booklets, and must be taken in the same examination session.


Each paper has a range of question types; some questions will be set in both mathematical and non-mathematical contexts.


The qualification is graded Pass/Fail.
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