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Will Adams Centre PE Challenge

Will Adams Virtual PE Challenge

Will Adams is delighted to announce its ‘Virtual’ PE challenge for Staff and Students. Form groups along with their staff, can compete against each other and the rest of the staff team to earn rewards.


- Students and staff can complete any or all of the following tasks, but they have to submit evidence of their completion e.g. videos, photographs, exercise tracker info.  Please ensure you are dressed appropriately in anything you submit!!! This can be done on the School Facebook page or via email to

- For each completed task Form Groups will be awarded 5 points, the student with the best time/ distance etc will be awarded 10 points for their form; the same applies for Form staff members, non form staff members will also be awarded the same point system

- All entries have to be in by 10th July 2020

REMEMBER: Most phones have fitness trackers on them, a screenshot of this can be used for evidence


Task 1:           Football keepy up challenge. How many can you do without dropping the ball?

Task 2:           Walk/ Run 1km? What is your time?

Task 3:           Plank? How long can you hold the plank position for?

Task 4:           Star Jumps? How many can you do in 60 seconds?

Task 5:           Step challenge? What is the highest number of steps you can do in a day?

Task 6:           Step up/ Step down- How many step up/ step downs can you do in 60 seconds? – use the stairs at home for this one

Task 7:           How many hops on one foot can you do without putting the other foot down?

                      Task 8:           How many sit ups can you do in 60 seconds?

Task 9:           How long can you hold a full tin in each hand (beans) with your arms outstretched for?

Task 10:        Free choice: Do another form of exercise e.g. running/ skipping/ cycling etc, submit number/ time/ distance, to earn some bonus points.